Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hidden Toll of Lawns on "Naturally Vibrant Living"

I was really pleased to speak with Liz Primeau on "Naturally Vibrant Living," my radio show (currently on Web Talk Radio, but moving to Blog Talk Radio in March). (www.vibrantlivingradio will take you to my host page, where you can listen to the show.) Liz is a master gardener and Founding Editor of Canadian Gardening Magazine.

Liz has a wonderful book out, entitled Front Yard Gardens, and this is what we discussed.

Did you know the impact that lawns have on our environment? Well, just consider all the watering and pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. We may not want to hear it, but lawns are generally not very good at all for the environment. They're also an example of what is called "monoculture," which has its own downside, but just listen to the show to learn about what that is.

Have you ever seen a house with a garden of some type in the front yard in place of a lawn? Well, you may have done a double-take the first time you saw one. I know I did. And, of course, a house with a garden in place of a lawn can really set the neighbors' tongues wagging. But, in spite of the unconventionality of this, you may be surprised to learn that this is a trend that has been slowly developing, at least in the United States and apparently in Canada.

Having a garden in your front yard instead of a lawn, as it turns out, benefits the environment. And, depending upon how you go about it and what you plant, you could also benefit your local ecosystem and fauna.

I love this idea and learned some useful things from Liz. Just consider this idea. If you'd like more information on it, just tune into this week's episode (by going to and consider getting a copy of Front Yard Gardens.

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